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A Goat So Dear and Care

Several months ago, I got an offer to illustrate a picture book for children in Timor Leste. I was so excited since there were so many histories between Indonesia and Timor Leste and said yes immediately.

The premise is about a girl who don't like to eat, hence the title is 'I Don't Want to Eat', however she really wants to have superpower to help people around here. The adorable part that caught my attention is that she has a best friend who follows her everywhere, a goat. Texture has always been in my heart, and for the love of collage, I brought the loyal goat into life 🐐

After some research on the internet, Timorese goats are mostly brown haired with stripped horn and beard. Like usual goat in Indonesia, I know 😃😃. So in order to make him more alive (without any lines on the manuscript), I gave him a dog-like character. A friendly, vivacious, and a little bit clingy to Carlita, the main character. He is everywhere around her.

A used paper bag has stayed for a while in my cupboard. I just sure it has another purpose (this project proves it!). I love its natural texture, dots, lines and colors from recycled materials. Shipping receipt barcode is the answer to keep the stripped horn like the real reference. It was kinda tricky since it's only have small area considering the curve shaped horn. As an alternative, I used a barcode scrap from snacks bag for the bigger size horn.

After all, I love the making process of this goat (I mean the whole book!😄). Please tell me your thoughts on this. See you!


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