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A Window Schedule

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Birds were chirping outside and I really wanted to join them by making a little tweet sound. Not bad--in my ear at least, but in fact, they just didn't neglect me. Alright, we may be living in a different frequency so I drew them down on my sketchbook instead. It's like we agree to disagree that they didn't let me join the bandwagon.

I saw them through my window, a small one with a little space to sit behind it the glass. Ah! I remember, they called this with bay window. The frame color is blue, my dad insisted to paint it like ocean while I wished it was green. I followed his choice and not regret it afterward for sure. A bush of bougainvillea- the salmon pink on top become a shady roof above my bay window. My granny is the one who inspired me about that. I remember it clearly the smell of mom's mouth watery apple pie from the kitchen next to my room. The aroma was knocking the clear glass, asking to join my morning scene like a cherry on top. All these things were packed together, smell, voice, and visual of my (not so) secret corner in the world.

This scene is always repeated (I really love it though!) then I give it a title : A Window Schedule

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